Physical and Health Education Outline


The PE and Health 10 course consists of 8 logs of 10 activity hours each for a total of 80 hours.

The PE and Health 10 course will be completed only when the 80 hours of activity are complete as well as all of the assignments and quizzes.

You need to participate in at least 3 different activities.

In addition there are a number of lessons and assignments on the topic of health.

*Some of the learning standards in the PHE curriculum address topics that some students and their parents or guardians may feel more comfortable addressing at home.  Please have your parents contact the teacher if they wish to discuss an alternate delivery.

Most of the lessons are followed by an assignment.  The instructions for the assignment and its submission are contained in the assignment.


Physical Activity Logs Tracking and Reflection - 70%

Assignments/Quizzes/Tests - 30%